Company Profile- Sudarshan Dhoop Pvt. Ltd.

Sudarshan Dhoop Pvt. Ltd., founded in 1952, is one of the biggest names in its field. It is now the leading producer and exporter of incense sticks, cones, coils, aromatic oils, potpourri and various kinds of other products.

We, at Sudarshan Dhoop believe in creativity and innovation and so far have created more than 275 varieties of incense and other aromatic products. The range and quality of our products are top-notch and probably are the reason behind why our customers remain loyal to us.

We have a well-equipped production area of over 5000 sq. meter which is located in an industrial area. With the help of automatic and special purpose machines we have the capacity to produce 3 million sticks per day. And since we have a 100% power backup, our production remains unaffected in case of adverse weather or an unexpected power-cut.

Our range of products vary in colors, aroma and style, which is made possible by our high-tech imported automatic machineries. The semi-automatic machines make our work easier and more versatile. Apart from that we have a state-of-art Incense manufacturing unit with imported machines as well as self-designed machines.

When it comes to quality, we will secure the number one tag, thanks to our highly trained Q.C. (Quality Check) Team, which makes sure that our products are at par with international standards. There are four stages in our quality check process, the first being an internal study, which looks after the production. The second round is an online test which is succeeded by burning and fragrance test of the incense sticks, cones and coils which is then concluded by the final round and packaging check.

With the mix of tradition and modernization, we hope to expand our palette and create more for our growing clientele.